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South-East Asia

Economy and People
Country Facts
Sports and Recreation
Major Bodies Of Water
Rainy seasons
Things To Bring To Southeast Asia
Natural Resources


   Going to Southeast Asia is a good place to go, however you might want to go in the month of January so you can start a new year with a new trip!!! This schdule is a good gide to keep when in Southeast Asia.

   January 3rd:

Thailand- Mekong River- Mekong River is a great place to relax.

   January 10th:

Laos- Vientiane Zoo- a great place to look at strange animals and animals you have already seen in the United States in a different habbitat.

   January 18th:

 Vietnam- Vietnam Temple of Literture- A great place to see different cultures and religions.

January 24th

Indonesia- Samatara which is the 2nd largest island in Indonesia.

- You can look at volcanoes and jungles.

January 28th

Flying back to Georgia.