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South-East Asia

Economy and People
Country Facts
Sports and Recreation
Major Bodies Of Water
Rainy seasons
Things To Bring To Southeast Asia
Natural Resources


    In South-east Asia there are many religions. a few religions in a few countries are; in Thailand, the major religions are Buddhism, and Islam. In Laos, the major religions are Buddhiam and Animism. In Vietnam the major religion is Buddhism, and last but not least Indonesia, in Indonesia the major religions are Islam and Buddhism.
   Those four countries have one religion in common, wich is Buddhism. 
  To visit a few countries in South-east Asia you will need to know a few words in a few languages;
  In Thailand you will need to know the language Thai, they also speak English there.
  In Laos you will need to know the languages Lao, and Fench. They speak English there also. 
   In Vietnam they speak Vietnamese. They do not speak English there.
   And last in Indonesia, In indonesia they speak the language Bahasa wich is the official language, they also speak English, and Dutch. Here are some words in Bahasa translated in English;
Hello---- Selamat Siang
How are you?---- Bagaimana Kabarnya?
Goodbye---- Silakan
Thank You---- Terima Kash 
   In Thailand the dressing is not alot diffrent than in the U.S.A. Cleaness and neatness is important in Thailand. They usally wear T-shirts and knee lenth shorts are the types of clothes they wear. On their feet they wear sandles. (Those types of clothes are approit for informal ocacions.)
   In Laos women wear 'phaasin': a wrap around skirt made of silk or cotton. On your feet you would want to wear sandles or slip on's. Men wear knee lenth shorts with a T-shirt and sandles.
   In Vietnam women wear a 'shalwar' which are long baggy pants. They also wear a long collared shirt past their knees. men wear long collared shirts with long tight pants.
   In Indonesia women would wear an ordinary dress like we do in the west. Men usally would wear jeans and a T-shirt, but for formall ocasions they would wear a collard shirt and dress pants.
   In Thailand the monetay unit would be 1 Baht= 100 Satang.
         In Laos the monetary unit would be 1 Kip= 100 at.
         In Vietnam the monetary unit is 'dong'.
         In Indonesia the mmonetary unit is rupiah.
   In Thailand they have one Natonal holiday which is on December 5th which is the kings birthday.
   In Laos they also have one National holiday which is in April which is New Yars Day.
   In Vietnam the have a holiday that lasts for 3 days. That holiday is 'Tet' which is the Vietmanese New Year. The holiday lasts for 3 days. However, it can be practiced longer.
   In Indonesia there is one National Holiday wich is on August 17, which is Indepence Day.